01 February 2010

We're moving!

Yay! We've finally taken over the house and started moving our stuff. Bit by bit, book by book, we're rebuilding our lives...
Speaking of which, when visiting IKEA in Gothenburg (to get some bits and pieces for the house, you know) I learned a hard lesson: DO NOT keep your mobile in your front pocket if you want to keep it! I took H and myself to the bathroom, and as I pulled up my pants and pushed the flush-button (multitasking as usual) I heard H say "Mum your camera" and looked down only to see my mobile get flushed. And gone it was. I have to admit, I even put my hand down there to reach it, but it was irrevocably gone. (Yes, I did wash my hands several times after doing that.)

It was only 6 months old, but still not worth the "self payment" on the insurance, so I had to dish out today to get a new one. I actually bought one exactly like the one I flushed, but I also invested in a mobile phone pocket thingy to hang in my jeans so I won't put it in my pocket again. Oh the times I have looked at those, thinking I could make one better, only to never get it done. That cost me SEK 2499.

And now I have to wait for a new SIM card to put in the new mobile so I can make calls again - I have to borrow big S' mobile tomorrow so I have one in case I need it when I'm off on the icy snowy roads to Trollhattan. (Yes, we had another snow storm and I had two (2!) properties to shovel the stuff away from.)

So, if you learn nothing else from this blog or me, learn this: Mobile phones do not belong in the pockets of females - that's why we have purses.

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Daffycat said...

OMG what a way to lose your phone!

You know, some plumber somewhere is fixing a clogged line and thinking, "Why did some idiot flush a phone?"