21 February 2010

Moved and snowed in

So we finally made the move. On Valentine's Day of all days of the year. So much for romance and candle lit dinners...

But it was a good move - I got to go to a party! H was invited to her friend's birthday party, which accidentally took place on the 14th of February, from 14 to 16 in the afternoon - so we got to stay out of the way while the rest of the bunch moved the last stuff and big S was so geared up he was angry for having to stop to eat. When H and I came back home, it was time for supper, H's room was all ready to sleep in, and the kitchen was all set up. Not much for me to do... ;)

We - or should I say S? - have spent every waking moment sorting stuff into their appropriate spot since then, and I must say it's looking quite like a home now. We've even got a new sofa! Of course it helped that we were snowed in for two days, and I have been forced to stay at home fixing stuff instead of being at WBP (Work-based Practice) and seeing sick people all day.

It started snowing Friday morning, but that wasn't too much, so I took H to the "water palace" (direct translation) to see if she could swim (she could! - with a life pad on her back...) and we made it back home as well. But in the evening the real snowing started.

The snow just kept falling, and the wind made sure to blow the snow to the front of our house and all over our little road - so much so, that I had the snowball's chance in H*** of getting the car those 100 metres to the big road and off to Town to "work". I had no choice but to call in. And noone came to clear our road either - Sunday morning my MIL got FIL to take her to "plowers central" here, and asked them if they were aware that we were snowed in. They had no idea they were supposed to plow our road!!! Come on people, we're actually right next to the main road into town, how can you not see us??? At last a guy came over, in the biggest plower I've ever seen - and he needed it. Just to get our 100 metres done took him 20 minutes! It sure felt good to get in the car and go grocery shopping, knowing I would be able to get back home as well... Yeah, the snowing and the wind blowing stopped by lunch-time, giving us a glorious sunshine and freezing cold. And lots of HUGE piles of snow for H to play in.

Our hero of the day!

Our house in all it's glory - please excuse the trash bin, it had only been delivered a few minutes earlier - and I honestly don't know where to put it yet.
Lots of love,

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AdronsCatherine said...

Congratulations on the move! I know you are loving that you can start to really settle in ;o)