25 March 2010

Alas, I've let my blog slide

It's been too long this time - but as always, I have a great excuse. Being out in the real world, meeting real patients, really did get the best of me. But now I'm back again for a quick visit, before heading out to a psych ward for 3 weeks!

The huge amounts of snow around the house have disappeared - there is a little left, but not enough to cover the complete mess the builders left behind them. We've already spent several hours picking up nails and screws - about 6 litres so far - and there's still the snuff boxes, the bits of board everywhere, pieces of scaffolding, left over roofing tiles, plastic covers and the occasional tool knife to pick up and dispose of. Granted, there were several days of blizzards when the builders were here, so lots of this stuff was very quickly buried in snow if they didn't pick it up immediately. I'm thinking of making a warning sign: "Do not walk on the dirt - it might contain pointy stuff!"

Inside - we're almost done. Big S and his dad will be hammering all of Easter week to create a floor on the attic, and then there's a shelving thing to put shoes at the back entrance to be built. My office is complete - floss, shelves and all - and I've even managed to clutter it up a bit already. It looks great! :D

I loved almost every second of working at the hospital these 7 weeks - the only thing I wasn't too fond of, were the calici virus. It's a feisty stomach bug, once one patient had it, it took just a few hours before everyone had it. Thank G we didn't have any patients who needed critical care! Most of our patients were on top of it, even if the calici left them a lot weaker than before. Apparently, this was some new strain, because I usually don't get affected, but this time I was down and out for 5 whole days. I was so weak I could only drink blueberry soup and watch daytime tv in between my naps, but on the 5th day I woke up hungry and fit as a fiddle again. Weird...

Today is waffle day here in Sweden, and tomorrow's my birthday, so I'm having two friends over for lunch and cake before picking up H from school. I have to get her by car even now when we live so close to school, because ALL of her clothes are usually wet in the afternoon - I can't carry it all... How I long for all the snow to be gone and to have dry weather!

All my love,

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Kathy said...

Happy Waffle Day and even more important HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May your special day be filled with love, laughter and all that you wish for.