20 January 2010

Once again I have survived an exam and apparently come out of it alive - we were tested on acute and long term disorders and complications between the lungs and the knees, with the addition of anything to do with nerves this saturday. Quite the span, don't you think? This time I think it went OK - TG for that!

New term, new class - as of tomorrow I will once again be "out there" and trying not to harm people - and this time I will be in a hospital for seven (yes, 7!) weeks. I've been assigned to a department that works mainly with bowel diseases and syndroms, so I have NO IDEA what kind of sick people (har har - ill should be the right word, right?) I will be trying to keep alive.

At least I now, as of yesterday, know that at least I know how to administer infusions and drugs - I had a practical exam on that, which actually went great - despite the fact that I was nauxious, dizzy and my hands were trembling because I was so nervous. Somehow it all went away when I started working my way through it all, and I even managed to keep everything clean as well as calculating at what rate the infusion should be given. I have no idea what happened, but apparently I am rather good at this stuff...

I've been knitting like crazy to keep the worrybugs out of my head, but with days being short and dark here, I haven't had the chance to get any good pics of it all. I will be knitting some more (had to get me some yarn once I got into the local yarn shop and fondled the stuff some), but I haven't quite decided what yet. Another hat, maybe?

The house is supposedly done next friday, but neither of us really believe it until we see it... We haven't even started packing yet, even though MIL has started collecting boxes for us to pack in - we've just placed them in the shed and tried to avoid the thought. At least we've ordered the new sofa, a new coffee table, a new dining table and chairs, so we'll have plenty of furniture; noone's been interested in buying the old furniture yet, despite our ads in the local paper. I guess we'll end up donating it to the local Red Cross or something? Oh well, we have all of february to move and clean houses, so we'll get there in due time!

Now I've got some yarn to fondle - lots of love!

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