06 January 2010

A new year and a new house

A belated Happy New Year! is in order, and an update on life, stitching and everything!
As for life and everything, the house is coming along. I've been inside, the heat is on, but there's no electric wiring done so not much to see so far. On the outside, we are still waiting on the roof tiles to be laid out, but according to the builders that will probably be started tomorrow. I have a pic, from the garden side, from before Christmas Eve - so imagine about 30 cms more snow everywhere and you've got a good picture of what it looks like. There's no ugly blue plastic either now...

Ah yes, snow - it's been snowing since the day they lifted the house onto the ground, it's been freezing cold (-18 deg C) and it seems the street workers here have taken the year off, because the road is at least 5 cms higher up than usual with several dents to make driving in our community very much like going on a kidney-shaker amusement park. At least we get a real-life test of the suspension on the car!

Christmas was good, nice and relaxed. I took H with me to Norway for a couple of days, where we got to spend time with my entire immediate family there - my sis, her sons, my brother and his kids, and of course my parents. It was great being there, but as all fab holidays, it was great coming back home again as well - and with lots of pics to scrap :)

It was not so great coming back to reality and school again, but there you have it. Life has it's ups and downs, or there wouldn't be so many of us around. School kinda sucks right now - I've got no motivation whatsoever, the course is so hard neither of us know which foot to stand on, and I've got an exam coming up again. One of my classmates kids told her they wanted her to stop studying, because she's never available for anything, always buried in her schoolwork... I've got a feeling the same goes for my family, but they haven't actually said it in so many words.

As for stitching, I've started on LHN's Needle Necessities (Jan 1st, actually) and decided I'll let Santa sleep for a while. He just doesn't call to me right now - he might call again in a month or so, but for now he'll be a UFO.

I have to get back to the books again - but I've made myself the promise I'll stop doing things "later" so we'll see when I post again. It's actually a lot easier to come clean and say that I won't be doing stuff, instead of saying I'll do it later. Later has a tendency to never arrive in my house....

Lots of love!

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