27 November 2010

Birthday party!

So, my daughter turned 7 today. And even though I know everyone says this, I can't believe how fast the years go by! It doesn't seem like that long ago I was watching her first steps and her first tooth, and here she is, all big and can read her own birthday cards. Happy birthday, little one!

It was quite a surprise to learn that ALL of the folks on her dad's side could come today - I don't think that has happened since she was born. There's always someone working or sick, but this time we actually got to celebrate her on the day with everyone in attendance. Lots of cake and cookies (most of it homemade) and then a huge "smörgåstårta" before everyone was so full they had to move slowly to their cars and go home. (For those not in the know, a smörgåstårta is best described as white bread sandwiches in a big cake, with whipped cream and decorated with shrimps, hard-boiled eggs, lettuce, smoked ham thinly sliced and such. The whole point is that it looks like a cake, and should have the best of everything you'd usually put on a sandwich. In layers. And lots of it.)

I'm so full I don't think I'll have to eat anything until lunch tomorrow. Nah, who am I trying to fool, of course I'll be hungry again tomorrow for breakfast, a little cake fest has never destroyed my morning appetite ;)

Lots of love!

P.s: Forgot to say that we have plenty of snow - H took her bobsleigh out yesterday and played in our garden. I have to admit, having a large parking lot at the front of the house isn't so appealing when you have to get rid of all the snow on it... I'm of course freezing, and will be seen wearing my well-used wool socks my grandma made me every chance I get. :)

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