30 September 2010

Exam stress

So, the stress of being in school finally caught up with me. I have trouble focusing, butterflies have moved in permanently in my guts, I can't fall asleep at night, and I have this restlessness that leads nowhere. Spells out stress to anyone who knows anything about the central nervous system... So how do I get rid of it, other than getting this exam (saturday) over and done with? Now that my stress is full fledged, I can see that it has been building ever since school started. And I don't have the option of letting my studies lie for a while, I have to keep up to survive financially - and postponing my major paper wouldn't be helping anything (that's what's next on my schedule this fall). I only have 8 months of school left before I'm an RN! - I can see the goal, but the road is so long...

I'll do what I can, though - cut down on non-essential computer time (that means no games, no facebook, no casual websurfing) and try to eat healthy and go to bed in time. At least I get good sleep when I finally fall asleep, unless there is a little girl crying because her butthole is itching (I kid you not, she really did cry over that last night) or because she has nightmares and won't walk through the dark house to our bed all on her own.

Any tips on how to deal with stress would be greatly appreciated - I really feel like life sucks right now. Maybe a bottle of red and a pizza after this exam would help? ;)

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