10 September 2009

So, microbiology, eh?

Microbiology is HARD!!! There are so many names of different bacteriae which cause all kinds of problems - I sincerely hope noone is expecting me to remember ALL of it...I do understand why we, as nurses, should recognize the problems and infections most likely to occur, but I don't understand why we need to know what the different antibiotics do to the bacteriae and what they're called! I feel the need for some chocolate here...

At least so far, I almost understand what the teachers are talking about - the immunebiology part is a bit tricky, but I'll get there somehow!

I'm not crafting at all right now - I'm so numb in my head when I put down the books at night, I re-read easy books like Twilight and watch True Blood on tv. Can you believe they NOW are showing it here in Sweden, when the lead male (Alexander Skarsgård)is swedish and it's a hit tv show in the US??? Yep, they are a bit slow over here, but to help things a bit they have a website where you can watch the latest episode online, in excellent quality, whenever you want, so you never miss an episode. At least that's something. After the first episode, I was seriously doubting anyone who thought anything good about Sookie, but she kinda grows on you - yes, she's naive, but also very kind and clever. Must be a great part for an actor, that's for sure. I look forward to the more steamy parts coming up... ;)

That's it for now - I'm working on a new blog layout, but computers combined with scrapping isn't usually my cup of tea, so I'm having some trouble with the sizing. I'll keep on trying, though!

Lots of love,

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AdronsCatherine said...

I would be more than happy to assist you with your blog decor - just shoot an email my way if you want ;o)

How is Hannah doing with school now?