27 August 2009

Yeah. I know.

It's been too long since my last update - one might be fooled to believe I'd given up on blogging? But alas, here I am again. You don't get rid of me that easily. I had to buy one of those usb-sticks that give you mobile internet (even though I had promised myself NEVER to get one of those), but here I am once again.

Life is working it's way through the days, and my little H is now a school girl. Not a happy one, yet, but it's only been two weeks. This morning she cried from the moment she realized she was going to school today too, until I left her at school with one of her teachers. Basically, it s*cked. (Completely new little girls don't have many friends, and today the only one wasn't there... That's not helping.)

My own school is starting again this monday, with a 5 week course in Microbiology - so I hope, but don't expect, to be online at least a couple of days a week. We'll see how difficult the course is, the book is horrible - lots of characterizations of different bacteria and viruses, page up and page down. I've tried reading it ahead a little, but I keep falling asleep. (Have I told you about this book before? I think I have, I first gave up on it to read the Twilight books :D)

On the crafty side of life, I don't xs much, but I've knitted LOTS of Barbie clothes and a pair of baby socks that are yet to be finished - a seam up the back is all that is keeping me away from them... (My S is now "grandmother's brother" to a beautiful baby girl! I keep teasing him about how old he's become... He doesn't appreciate it.) I've also tried my hand at some patchwork, and as usual, squares don't agree with me. Oh well, some fancy quilting made that disappear, and it wasn't like I made it for someone else either - it's been turned into a bag to keep my knitting stuff from overflowing the living room.
Enough talk, bring on the pics, I hear? Allrighty then, I'm only too happy to oblige:

Scrapping credits go to BrownieScraps for their free kit One summer day, and to The Latest Scoop, Too for the Sweet Summer Breeze_Date Stamp Set, which fit perfectly with the rest of the stuff. (I'm not that good at scrapping - yet - but I thought it would be more fun to look at than just a line-up of crafty pics ;)

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AdronsCatherine said...

Love what you've been doing! Your Barbie clothes totally awe me - I can't imagine the patience it must take to make something so painfully tiny!

I hope H makes some new friends quickly :o) Ellie just finished her 2nd week of school and LOVES it, but that child has never met a stranger lol! Madeline is doing well, which is so normal for her, but Audrey is struggling. All 3 girls are in new schools - Ellie is in school for the 1st time, Madeline just started middle school, and Audrey just started high school. Thankfully, they already have friends there, but the transition is still no fun. Give that sweet girl a hug for me - and tell her to give YOU a hug from me, as well lol!