14 September 2009

A long post...

So, this weekend was eventful - H went to her first "big-girl" birthday party friday night! All other parents just dropped off their girls and went home again, but seeing as H is still rather new at this, I stayed and tried to make myself invisible. The birthday girl had decided on a pool theme, so after the initial opening of presents and eating of spaghetti bolognese, all 14 girls changed into their swimsuits and plunged in the pool. It's usually a bit late in the summer to be swimming outside, but they'd cranked up the heat to a fabulous 33 deg C (if it weren't so full of kiddies, I'd be tempted myself) so the girls were good. They'd also turned on the bubble bath indoors, to a reaking 39 deg C. (And for those of you not so fluent in Celsius, the human body is usually between 37 and 38.2 deg C - just so you know how hot 39 is...)

That was perfect for H of course, being half mermaid and all, and the girls were bathing/swimming for over one hour - the only reason they could be lured out of the water was that it was time for cake! H being her usual helpful self asked the parents if she could help with anything - and they said no thanks, that's ok. H broke down and needed her mummy for the first time that night. "I'm not needed anywhere", she said and made the hosts feel so bad for turning her down, she got to carry the cake to the table... Thank goodness she's quite careful and strong - the cake survived, and H forgot all about being sorry for herself. A few minutes of silence occurred as all 14 girls were busy shoving cake in their faces, and then they all ran around again, laughing and screaming with joy. After that - candy. All the other parents started showing up, and H was more than happy to go home - it was already one hour after her usual bedtime when we got home, but she crawled into daddy's arms and took some time to wind down before going to bed.

Saturday - Liseberg amusement park. I don't think I've ever seen that many people there before, and all families! Usually the kids get the kiddie part to themselves, and the teenagers use the rest of the park, but there were kids all over the place, and the kiddie end of the park was so crowded it was unbelievable - the queue to the kiddie roller coaster was 40 minutes!!! That was the first time we had tickets left when we went home, even though we were there for 5 hours straight - H just didn't want to stand in line that long. But strangely enough, there wasn't that much of a queue when we went to get lunch, we could even CHOOSE what table to eat at! It was nice getting home in time though - yesterday's candy was calling for H...

Sunday turned out nice and slow - after I got thrown out of the house... It was such a nice day, I really needed to take a long walk (which I did) but didn't see that myself, so big S told me to leave and not come back for a couple of hours... I almost walked around the entire town, there were just a few blocks I didn't see - I was out in the wind for almost two hours, and I don't walk slowly either! After lunch H and S went to my MIL's so H could take a bath (...) and H decided they should have dinner there as well - so I got several hours to spend how I wanted to. What I did? I got to work on this bag, in autumnal colours, a pattern from Rosalie Quinlan. I really like it so far, the fabrics are just great - but of course I didn't finish it, I managed to sew the bag bottom on the wrong way, so I had to frog it and then my inspiration ran out the door... I will try to get it finished this week - I really long for this bag now! I promise pics when it's all done ;)

Whew - that was a lenghty post! That's what happens when I decide to tell you something about my life, I have a hard time editing myself. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, H is now doing a lot better at school - no more crying when I leave her, and no more of the "I don't want to go" every night. She's still a bit apprehensive, but that's to be expected, so we don't fuss over that. All's well that ends well, right?
Lots of love,

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AdronsCatherine said...

I'm so glad that Hannah is doing better!!! Sounds like she had fun at the party - did you get to make new friends, too? LOL!

I'm loving that bag and I can't wait to see your version =D I'm about to be sewing again, now that I have my new machines home!