15 September 2009

Update on the new house

I went to see the "house guy" today - we've been waiting for an update on how our new house is doing. And, I'm sorry to say, it's not doing so great.
Apparently, implementing a new drawing software has surprised them by taking longer than expected (when has EVER implementing new software been on schedule???) so our house is now delayed by 5 weeks. That means we'll barely be moved in by Christmas - imagine a Christmas in boxes!!! And that's if it all goes according to plan from now on!!!

I expect more bad stuff to happen, but according to our house guy, we'd be able to store our stuff in, say, the living room, and they'd pay for us to stay at a hotel. Like that's what we wanted when we said we wanted our house the first week of november - we wanted plenty of time to move everything slowly but surely, and now it looks like another panic move. I'm not happy now.

By the sewing machine to keep all trouble away,

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