18 April 2009

The aftermath...

So, Easter didn't turn out quite the way we planned (does anything ever?) - we DID go to my parents' and had a good time there, but H started complaining about her ear aching (which I immediately thought was an ear infection) and got pain killers every evening, which seemed to be enough - no pain at all during the day. I suspected her cold had gone to her sinuses, and the extra pressure felt like it hurt in her ear, so I didn't do anything about it.

No problems for a few days, but on Wednesday afternoon she looked like someone had hit her - her eyes were all red and puffy, and there was yellow goo coming out of them. Oh my goodness, I thought, not an eye infection! I hurried out of the house thursday morning so S had to stay at home with H (I was fully aware that they wouldn't accept her at daycare, but I didn't tell S that) and I could go to school that day. Home again, H was playing outside with S like nothing had happened, even though her eyes were still a bit red and puffy, they weren't as gooey anymore. Yesterday I didn't have school, so we stayed home, watching movies and sewing a little (started that bag I mentioned earlier), and H looked excellent. We planned for her to go with S to her grandmother's, so I could study today while they were away.

Then the evening came.
Friday evening and night is supposed to be all cozy and laidback, right? Nope - the moment we started talking about bed, H said her ear hurt again. Of course I thought "oh no, not an ear infection!" because H had been outside with just a cap on her head two days in a row, and I tried getting H to take a painkiller before going to bed. No such luck - S massaged her head so she went to sleep (what a great way to fall asleep, btw!). We started watching "Australia" and two hours later H wakes up, hysterically screaming that it hurt. Half an hour later, H had finally calmed down, now in S' bed but had refused to take any pain meds. The night actually went great from there on - we slept like babies next to eachother.

This morning, S had figured out what the problem was - H is having her 6-year molar... And as soon as he said it, we all knew that was it. When H knows why something hurts, she usually "thinks it away" and it doesn't bother her anymore. That doesn't apply for things she thinks will hurt, that she has never tried before, of course.

Ah, the blessed children! At least that meant she's now safe and sound at her grandma's, S is on a guitar show in Gothenburg and I have all day to study - ahem, that is, I COULD be studying, I'm at the sewing machine instead. That's a lot more fun! :D Thank goodness I have something to keep me from studying, I wonder what school would be like if I were to actually study the hours I'm supposed to?

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Linda said...

Nu har jag oxå hittat hit.
Kollade på bilden på tomten jag vet var det är...:)
det är ju på rätt sida stan så det blir inte så långt för oss att åka och hälsa på varann:D
Kram /L