20 April 2009

We've sold our house!

Oh my goodness, it is a bit overwhelming - we got twice as much for it as we bought it for 7 years ago, so I guess S needs lots of pats on the back. We owe it all to his planning, imagination and ability to actually go through with the plans he makes!

That means that we'll be moving to an empty lot, as it seems... It also means that the funding for the new house looks a lot brighter to me - building a house and being a student normally doesn't quite add up in my book... We have to really study the plans we've looked at, start making calls to get prices and then we have to decide what to do, talk to the building committee and actually get the house built! Whew - in 4 months I could be blogging from a brand new home! I'd better start stitching some "welcome home"-sampler or something for the new house ;)
Something like this, perhaps?

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Pike said...

Congrats! That is so exciting, palnning your house... You'll have a great time!