09 April 2009

Happy easter!

It's easter, and I'll take little H with me to see my parents - it's been a while, and H has been haunting me ever since christmas that she wanted to go... At least I can take 4 days (almost) off without feeling guilty about school! (I'll only be taking one book with me, and I only mean to study about 30 pages - almost a vacation.)

other news: we've received offers on our house, there are two families bidding against eachother (which is good news for us) and we'll be getting a little more than we expected! Zippitydoodah!
We have NOT decided on what house to build yet, but we are studying plans like mad to decide soon - the sooner the better, as we really don't want to move around that much...

When I went to school on tuesday, one of my classmates LOVED my bag so much she wanted me to make her one just like it - and is willing to pay for it! So of course I had to stop by the fabric shop to get a little more lining material - I don't have enough of the one I used, plus I don't think she really noticed what it looked like inside. I will be sewing that the coming tuesday, I think - why bother with studying when there is crafting to be done? ;)

Lots of loving thoughts for Catherine - she's having her baby Jonah today!!!


Olenka's Stitches said...

You sound very busy!
Happy Easter!

Robyn in Oz said...

Happy Easter! Your bag sounds nice.