05 February 2009

Faster = auntie

I'm going to be an "auntie"! And this time, not by my own siblings, but by S' sister's oldest daughter (yeah, hm, that got kind of difficult)! Anyway, I'm soooo searching the ONS' for nice birth samplers, even though they baby's not due until August sometime (no, they haven't been to a US yet). Good ideas are very welcome; I made a search on Sew and So - 356 results... And I have quite a few magazines as well with patterns, but do you think that's enough? NOOOO - it has to be PERFECT!!!

Sidenote: why do all the girlie patterns get to be all cute, and the boy patterns are all "sailor, bugs and rough"? I might be biased here, as I've just held a lecture on health related to culture and gender in school, together with my group... I think I'll have to go with something none-gender specific, like Tatty Teddy, Humphrey's Corner or Newton's law...

Yay! I get to stitch cute and not have it live in my house! :)

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AdronsCatherine said...

Congratulations on your new little niece (or nephew)! What an exciting thing!!!!

How's everything going?