08 February 2009

Exam results!

The results are back - I scored a whooping 93% on the Anatomy and Physiology exam! *whoohoo* *dancing around the floor, trying to avoid tons of Lego*

And when I looked at my schedule, it dawned on me that I've already done half the time on campus - we'll spend 3 weeks IRL, meeting real people with real nursing needs. Yep, we'll be spread out on nursing homes all over the area - beware, old people, here comes the highly motivated nursing students! :D

I spent yesterday making more Barbie doll clothes - a nightie; H didn't have any for her dolls, as she discovered when she turned a shoe box into a queen size bed and wanted her dolls to go to sleep. No good in the nude, apparently... A strapless sundress - that turned out fabulous, if you ask me :) - and it suits both new and old Barbies; the pattern was from an old mag I had for the old Barbies, but it turned out good for the new ones as well. And then a top and a music skirt - gotta love that fabric!

Just a small note on the Barbies: I actually bought the Theresa one for myself, to use as a model, but H loved it so much she traded for the fierce blonde to the left :) She's a lot easier to dress and undress than the others, because she has those hard plastic legs - H can actually get her into a pair of pants all by her self...

It's choir this evening - gotta go get ready! :)


AdronsCatherine said...

Oh, those soft, rubbery legs STICK to the fabics sooooo badly!!! Ugh! Love the outfits you made for them!

Congratulations on passing your exam with such high marks - I had no doubt that you would ;o)

SarahB said...

Congratulations on your exam results! That's very good!

I'm so impressed with your Barbie outfits! It's hard making things so little!