10 December 2008


So, Hannah's birthday was a huge success - we had a dress-up party, so we had three little princesses and one fairy running around the house :) Princess theme on the dining table, balloons everywhere (not in the bathroom, thank you very much), chokolate cake with pink whipped cream and ice cream sprinkles around the candles (H did the decorating herself), hot dogs and ketchup all over the table... H got some great crafting presents, I am sooooo thankful we chose the plastic table cloth at the dining room table! The girls got so busy crafting, gluing and painting, the hours just flew by.
H loves having a tv and dvd-player in her room (yes, her father spoils her rotten), and she watched the movie she got from us (Ariel III) every evening until her aunt gave her another movie (Barbie as the island princess) which is now running EVERY EVENING. Yup, I make myself necessary elsewhere now and then, or I would go crazy I think... How on earth will I survive after Christmas Eve, when she'll be getting 5 Barbie movies?!?

My parents came to visit this sunday, part to celebrate H, part to exchange Christmas gifts and part to hear me sing. I survived the advent concert, even though I was so nervous I made up my own melody on one of the verses in the first song - but when I listen to it afterwards, the "personal" melody isn't what's bugging me, it's the fact that I sound hesitant. Note to self for future performances... My partner in crime, Erica, had a soar throat, but she still sounds great - I guess that's the difference between "just singing" and actually having a voice worth trying to make a living out of. If anyone is interested, leave me a comment and I can e-mail a sample from the concert :) It will be in Norwegian and Swedish, though!

It is snowing outside today - just like the "snow" on my blog, actually! All the Christmas decorations are up, I've wrapped and exchanged the gifts I had planned (just 2 gifts left, for my middle nephew and niece) and today I'll be taking H to the hair dresser to get her bangs fixed before friday - St. Lucia day! She's decided she wants to be a maid this year, so she won't wear the heavy crown but carry a candle instead. Very good choice, I must say!

I'll leave you to it, then shall I? I have some studying on the urinary system to do...


AdronsCatherine said...

Sounds like a FABULOUS party!!! We have the Barbie Island Princess Wii game and I even like playing it - is the movie as cute?

Hannah sounds like my kinda girl - I have never been one to wear ruffles and fluff, but it's pretty to look at! I'm tickled that Ellie is enough of a diva to enjoy being dressed up and is willing to be uncomfortable if it means she looks cute ;o)

I would LOVE to see some of your concert!!! h8davols at bellsouth dot net

patternnuts said...

Oooh the blog is so pretty! And I am so happy H. had such a nice party.

S. announced she's no longer into princess/Barbie stuff. Hence the Bratz dolls, Barbie dolls and other stuff will be leaving the house! :) Yeah!

I would love to see the video, couldl you email to me?

AdronsCatherine said...

WOW Anne! Thank you so much for sending the clips of you singing! You have the voice of an angel!!! Madeline, my 10 year old, just informed me that you are her new role model :o) Just beautiful, and totally delightful - thank you very, very much for sharing!