21 November 2008

Test results are back!

I passed!!! I'm so relieved, even though I had a feeling I should've passed, I was still very nervous about it. I scored 31,5 points out of 39 possible, so I'd say it was acceptable ;)

Now to keep on reading, so I can understand the anatomy and physiology bit as well...

H's birthday is coming up(27th nov.), her present is all wrapped up. She's getting a DVD set with 7 Barbie princess movies - as if she didn't have any dvds to watch... She'll love it anyway, and we'll be putting our spare tv in her bedroom, so she can watch tv there if she wants to be alone. That happens a lot lately, she thinks we talk too much when she's watching... I'm just happy we TALK about something other than her! We've planned and invited her three gf's from daycare for her birthday, so now we just have to decorate the cake next saturday morning, set the table with princess stuff and get out of the way :D I love having a daughter! If only the days didn't end so fast...

I've started planning for Christmas as well - today the snow is barely covering the ground; it made that special sound when we walked to daycare this morning.
I've made a toy bag for one nephew, bought toys for the two youngest, made a wristlet for my sis, will make a "car junk bag" for my brother, but I have absolutely no idea what to get my parents or my niece and two nephews that are teenagers... I'm no good with teenagers, at least not when it comes to what to give them. I could go the safe route with my sis' oldest and get him glassware, but that is kind of boring... Any and all ideas welcome!

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