14 October 2008

Bad blogger, need sp*nking...

I know I know - I've neglected my blog. But I have updated the look, see? I've been so completely swallowed by the big hairy monster called school, I almost haven't seen my own blog either... I have tried to go visiting other blogs I like to read, to be updated, but I cannot guarantee that I have commented...

So, what's happened in my life these past 4 weeks? Well, I've started actively thinking about what I eat, how much and when. When I was at my first WIL-week (see previous post) I weighed in, and not owning anything resembling scales for people myself, I had to wait until last week when I got back at WIL again before I could see if it actually had made a difference. Yes, I can slightly feel it in my pants (them being more roomy and all) but it's still fun to see the numbers on the scales! I lost a grand total of 1.5 kilos... Yay! At least it's something, I was afraid nothing would've happened - that would really have discouraged me I fear... Physicians say the best rate of losing weight is about 0.5 kilos a week, and as I average just below that, I am happy. *small happy dance* Now I take that as a positive lesson, and move forward - it's six weeks until the next time I'm on WIL, so I'm hoping this weight loss will keep on in the same rate. If so, I'll reach my goal weight before next summer. Long term goals are good for you, right?

Other than that, I have been reading and thinking and am slowly turning into an academic thinker. Finally, I'm starting to understand the special language spoken in higher education... I've also been thinking about christmas presents, so they will eventually turn up here - noone in my family knows about my blog (at least I think they don't???) so it's safe to spill the beans here ;)

We haven't completely stopped looking at new houses, we just had a very long break... Now a few interesting ones are popping up - some people desperately want to move before christmas, and most people don't want to move around christmas because they want it to be nice and settled and organized, so that means houses from the end of october are cheaper to buy here. Plus it might have something to do with the current financial situation (yep, we feel it here as well when the US are in a bad shape)... Judging by the way we've done things so far, we could be done in a week's time when/if we decide to move anyway, so christmas isn't the big issue here. Daycare, school and work are! I have no idea what the daycare situation is like in that area (other side of town), and that is a serious main priority. Driving for half an hour in the WRONG direction isn't what I plan to do for months...

Talking about christmas - I had a phone call today from our cantor, asking me if I would like to sing with a big band at a concert 2nd sunday of advent... Yes of course!!! I'd love to, even if it is right in the middle of probably some of the toughest courses in school - anatomy and physiology is next... This is a chance I just cannot turn down, I hope they go for it... I haven't had the confirmation yet (duh) that it will actually happen, but it would be so much fun - I've written it on my calendar already :)

Gotta go, it's getting late and I want to have a little quality time (read: snuggle on the couch) with hubby before bedtime!
Until next time, may the winds be always favourable and the stash plenty!

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