16 September 2008

Stop scaring me!

My hubby (S) has always had a bad spine - two of his vertebrae don't stay put, so he regularly needs to go to a chiropractor to get them back in their place. Naturally, these vertebrae are connected to several nerves, and when these nerves get pinched, he has difficulty breathing and his chest hurts. Usually he recognizes these symptoms for what they are, and goes to his chiropractor to get it fixed.

Yesterday however, he woke up in the middle of the night and his left arm was numb. Sensory loss in the left arm, chest pains, difficulty breathing - does that ring a bell to anyone? ... Even more so when he called our local health care center, and they told him to go to the ER. He ran out of the house, with tears down his cheeks, and drove there himself! It's not far, but I still didn't feel that was a good idea - driving with a possible heart attack???

Anyways, I got H to daycare and drove after him to the ER. He was so small, in a hospital bed with the required gown, and soooooo cold. He didn't want me there, because (and NOW he chose to tell me) he just thought it was his vertebrae acting up again. I went to school, and he didn't come home from hospital until late in the afternoon - they had to make sure with every test possible that it wasn't a heart attack. So, the good thing is he's been thoroughly checked with all kinds of tests and weird cameras. But it sure was scary...

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