08 September 2008


Time flies! I guess the school-thing is taking a lot more pondering than I thought - my head is sore...

This week I'll be on WIL - "work-integrated learning" on a local health care center. Well, it's not that local, I have to drive half an hour north of here to get there, but compared to most of my student colleagues I've got a really close one. Some of them have to travel for over an hour to get to their WIL... I'll be studying how the nurses (and other medical staff) greet the patients, what kind of language they use, how they explain things, what they do and how and so on - basic communication. It will be interesting to see the hcc from the other point of view, usually I go there because H is sick or something...
I've even got a badge with my name on it! :D It says "student nurse from x school" and is to be worn at all times so people know who I am and why. *Gee, I didn't know that was why medical staff always wear name badges...* o_O

I've actually got a bit of stitching done - I started the 12 houses sampler from The Drawn Thread when we were in Dalarna, but put it away when I 'suddenly' discovered that I had signed for two exchanges that needed prioritizing ;) Now when I've finished those two, I've started my sampler again. It's working up quite fast, although there are some speciality stitches - it's a lot easier when you can say "today I finished two houses and a tree".

Picture time!
Yup, this is the 12 days sampler - I've actually finished three trees, one house and two rooftops since this pic was taken :)

And then the initial scissor fob exchange over EMS - I got Jeanie from Singapore, so this little one had to go halfway across the globe to find her home! H helped me choose the blue beads on the edge ;)

I've got another exchange item to post as well, but I'll wait until I've heard from Lynne in Scotland that it's arrived. Don't want to spoil the surprise!

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