26 August 2008

School's in!

First day of school went rather well - lots of information, 119 new classmates, new building... We've been divided into two large groups which in turn is divided into 10 "base groups", so I will probably not get to know all of them... We'll be presenting the others in the base group to the other students today, so we've already started getting to know eachother a little. The day ended in a blinding headache, so I was very happy H is staying at her grandma's.

I'm going to get her today after school, but I can't say I look forward to it - she's not well (we can't find out if it is a prolonged cold or if it is allergies), and I can't afford not going to school... I'll be losing too much information if I do. Got to talk to hubby about that - who's daytime occupation is the most important?

Why is it that the mother is always expected to take sole responsibility for the kids? I think we have a very equal relationship on all other levels, but somehow HIS job turned out to be more important than mine. And it seems as though it will continue now when I've started studying as well - it naturally ends up being my job to stay at home when H is sick, if he has to do it - he calls his mother... Don't get me wrong, my MIL is a fantastic woman, and I have no problem whatsoever with H being with her, but we shouldn't take advantage of her either! If they lived next door it wouldn't be a problem, but now MIL lives almost an hour away, and she doesn't have a car nor a drivers licence. FIL is at work every day (even though he technically is retired), so that's no option. My parents have a 4-hour drive here, so we don't have anyone else.

It's at times like these I wish we had bought a house close to either family instead of choosing to go halfway each... But we both needed the space to our families at the time, so here we are, with both feet stuck in the middle of a huge puddle of quick-dry glue...


Catherine said...

Oh, I totally hear you! My parents live a couple of hours south of us, and Adrons parents are a little over an hour north of us. Thankfully, my best friend and her parents are always willing to watch the little ones - but they live 45 minutes from me. It doesn't seem to bother them to come out here on short notice though :o)

I've got a fabulous idea for you - why don't you pack up and move to my street! I can babysit anytime, and there are a couple of houses for sale right near mine LOL!

BTW - I love your "pancakes" answer!!! I am totally going to have to remember that!

patternnuts said...

That's when I get the call... hee hee. I have stood in for early release, delayed starts and even had the phone call from the nurse once to pick up a child (not mine)... Too bad we have that huge ocean between us.

Wonder if he'd consider an "every other"?

Good luck with school!!!!!!

Anne R said...

I must say, the States sound like a terrific place to live right now... A hard choice between ME and TN though... :)