18 August 2008

My baby...

is no longer a baby... We went to IKEA on saturday and bought her a "real" desk chair to sit in by her desk. So now she is no longer my little baby on a baby chair, she's on a proper desk chair with wheels and all! I just have to put up a pic of her here, with her legs crossed <3

I've been very busy these last weeks, preparing for school of course includes making myself a new school tote/bag/purse to carry my essentials in. I still haven't decided wether I'll be needing to take the laptop with me to school, so I made a tote/bag that is big enough to fit the laptop as well if necessary. Not the best pics - I didn't give myself the time to crop and such, so they're straight off the camera.

Empty of course it looks like a pile of fabric... It's not easy to see, but I actually managed to make a hidden zipper pocket at the front, just where the two fabrics meet. Very proud of that one, it took a LOT of pondering to get it right. It didn't turn out as I planned, but it is hidden and can take lots of stuff without anyone noticing.

With all my props in it! :) The bottle with LOKA on top is an empty water bottle if anyone is wondering - gotta have water close by! There's still plenty of room, so I can easily fit two or three text books in it as well in case I decide NOT to take the laptop + the fabric is really sturdy (IKEA ...) so it can easily carry all that weight. (Of course I had to buy more of the same fabric saturday, same weight, different print. ;) )

I also made myself a pencil case to keep all my pens in one place - yep, I'm a pen collector... I can't go past the pen shelves in the book store without buying at least one! So, I have LOTS of nice pens in my hidden stash...

I've been stitching for an exchange over at EMS as well, but of course I won't show my finished product until I've heard from the other side of the globe that it has actually arrived there. :)

Today I plan on taking it easy, it's first day at daycare for Hannah today, so I'm all alone with time only for myself (and blogging, of course). It's good to get a week "alone" before school starts, to get myself organized and prepared as far as I can. On Thursday I'll be going to campus to get entrance cards and library cards and a little information; it'll be a full day at campus for the first time!

Have a great day!


patternnuts said...

I just love that chair! I think there's one around here on sale for about $15 or $20 and I keep thinking I might snag it. Mostly for DH and I when we're on the computer.
I just LOVE the bags you have made! I had no idea you knew how to do that stuff! WOW! Now I know what to ask for... ;)
Best of luck on your week off before school. And more so for when you start! (hugs)

Anne R said...

Let me know what you need, and I'll try to make it for you! That's what daughters are for, isn'it? MOM?

Sylviane said...

I am also a pen collector but I don't have such a lovely pen case !