01 August 2008

I've had it!

...with Internet Explorer, that is. So I've "upgraded" to Firefox - it remains to be seen if it really is better, but I'll give it a go before deciding! So far, it looks a lot faster.

Other news: We've been to Dalarna for a couple of days - Hannah's choice btw. She wanted very much to see where dalahorses are made and how they do it... We had a good time, on the second day we went to Santa's world and met all kinds of creatures - Santa, of course, a wood fairy, a troll, a witch, a fairy tale princess, lots of gnomes and normal animals as well. The witch and the troll were scary, the wood fairy was the best. The lady of the woods (= Huldran) was very beautiful, but a bit scary - she might snatch one of us to live in the woods! Hubby naturally hurt his back lifting Hannah, so the drive home was a bit too long with a 4-year old and hubby insisted on driving. Men! Speaking of which, he's at the chiropractor's right now - I hope it gets sorted, on Monday we're going to Vimmerby to see Astrid Lindgren's world - another choice Hannah's made. :) After that, it'll be all relaxation - nothing more planned.

I've ordered my first school books, so I can start reading at once - it never hurts to be prepared! I'm guessing school will be hard enough anyway, so I'll try my best to get some reading done now. As I said in my last post, I went to an information meeting at the school, and they told us the basics - what my title will be when I'm done (Degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in nursing, thank you very much), how the classes are taught, and a quick run-through of the first course. We'll be doing one course at the time, two courses each term and the years are sorted into themes to keep it easier for us. We will be residents on several occasions, on several different places to make sure we will have seen most of the different types of work we will encounter later on.
The first course is heavy, with lots of work, so that the ones who don't cope with it will drop out quickly... I hope I'm not one of them!!! o_O The books are a heavy load as well, for the first course the books cost about SEK 4200 / $680 if I buy them all new... I'm counting on getting some of them from the library, but 80% of the books are books we need through all 3 years.

I'm very happy that I've been able to save a little money when I was working, even though I've had some major S.E.X. lately just to be able to stitch even if I can't buy... ;)


Jenna said...

I REALLY like FireFox, depending on which version of Internet Explorer you were using. I had to switch to FireFox after upgrading my home machine to IE7 because IE just became SO SLOW. It's so cool that we're getting ready to go back to school together. I feel like we're schoolmates! I have one class worth of books in hand and just ordered the second class today. What's your start date?

Anne R said...

I start the 25th of August - and have ordered part of the books for the first class. They're expensive, so I'm buying in fourths :)

So far, I really like Firefox - it's soooo much faster than IE!

Catherine said...

Wow! Dalarna, really? That is so neat!!! How are you liking Firefox? I loved it, but my hubby did not, so I switched to Opera, with Firefox as my backup when Opera can't be used on certain sites. Either way, they both beat Explorer, hands down!

I've been petting my gnome fabric for a couple of years, trying to wait until Noah was big enough that he could wear whatever I made for at least 12-18 months ;o) Now, of course, he'll have some insane growth spurt, right? LOL!

Have a fabulous day, and thank you for stopping by my blog!