16 July 2008

Never say never

Here I was, thinking that we would now only buy the really necessary items, I've even planned on how to survive on a minimal stash-budget - and then we decide to buy a car. Yep, my car-free days were very few, and I will in the end of next week be the proud owner of an almost brand new hot red Peugeot 207 SW (that's station wagon with a glass ceiling for those who don't know).

We got a fabulous deal on it, seeing as hubby now works for said car brand, and it is a demo - it's only been out and about for 3000 kms, so it still smells new :)No fancy stuff, just plain car to get out and about in. Reasonable in fuel usage, ok engine capacities, ok seats and most importantly we can have Hannah in the backseat and still have two grownups in the front without squishing anyone! The plan is to only use it a couple of days a week, when I need to go shopping for groceries on the way home, and otherwise take the bus to school. That way we save a lot of fuel expenses, at the same time I can take Hannah with me and go swimming on a saturday if we want to. We'll be taking it to Norway next week, even though it technically won't be mine until the end of next week... I must say, I like hubby's new boss <3

Being on vacation has so far been very quiet - Hannah got a hair cut, we're baking bread, and tomorrow Hannah will be going to her grandma's for a couple of days while I attend such boring stuff as a meeting at the local unemployment office and a meeting at my new school. The weather hasn't exactly been summery, so no bathing outdoors - H is in the tub right now :D Gotta have some water when she can! I swear she would've been a mermaid if it weren't for her parentage...

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Jenna said...

Might as well enjoy the perks of the hubby's job! ;)