11 July 2008

Last day of an era

So the final day is here. It feels good, I only have some cardboard boxes of old papers to throw out and some personal stuff to carry out to the car left to do here. And of course eat cake, but that's purely recreational! :)

We went out for lunch and just made it back before the rain started, so all in all my stomach feels good about this. Too bad I'm taking the bus home though, I have sandals and stuff to carry in addition to the umbrella... Exported all my personal files and contacts to USB-sticks, so there is now nothing left except to turn the voice-mail on and close the door.

I have been accepted to the school, so that's final at last. Even though I counted on it, it still feels differently when I have seen it black on white on my computer screen. It feels like I have landed somehow...

That's it for now, I think I will have a bit of a summer holiday!

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Jenna said...

It had to feel odd to leave work for the last time. But you're officially a student now and that's your job for the next while. :) Congratulations on starting this new chapter in your life!