10 July 2008

The day next to the last...

So, today is Thursday, and tomorrow is my last day here at work. My last day as a regular worker for about three years (not counting summer jobs or work practice). I feel like I'm being left out of the loop somehow - and yet, I really look forward to step outside the box! I'll be somewhere else with studies, Hannah will be starting school next autumn - I wonder how everything will work out with time and money...
I'm cutting ties here, and I feel a little like a baby - like I have no clothes on, and everything is brand new and shining. I understand completely why babies cry...

Hubby thinks I lack a purpose with my life, and to a degree I think he's been right - this autumn will show if I have found my meaning and direction.

Things are getting better at home - we still have days when we don't speak to eachother and others when we shout, but all in all it feels better now. S has seen a therapist who gave him a few new tools in his toolbox, among which the most important is probably the power lever.
He's always had too much ambition and too much speed to cope with other people _not_ wanting to go fast forward, but now he is on his way to learn that you can't go full speed in a pedestrian area - it's dangerous not only to others, but to yourself as well... He's also had to learn that he can't do everything for everyone, and there's no point worrying about things you cannot change. (And if you can change them, why worry? just do it!)
My balance is improving! I can do pirouettes on my ballet shoes now... *v*

I am both stitching and knitting, and being the obsessive personality that I am, I now collect free digital scrapbooking stuff too. Come this autumn, I might actually get to use all the digiscrap stuff, when I am a student I get Adobe Photoshop at a fairly reasonable price. :) I tried the test version for a month, and I count the weeks until I can finally have a copy on my computer... We have lots of fun planned for this summer, so I just have to remember not only to BRING the camera, but to USE it as well!

On a digiscrap/blogging note: Does anyone know how to change the background image on the template? I've got some beautiful .png files that I would love to have here... Yes, I will of course give full credit when I find out how to do it.

Until next time - may the lillies of peace be with you.

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patternnuts said...

Yay! *happy claps*
I am so glad.
Shining and new is exactly that; I can't wait for you to begin your new path! Plus a summer off may be good for you and S with connections.
Give H a squeeze!