08 June 2008


Life is spinning my head around - stuff keep happening all the time, and I barely have the time to think it over.
Remember I told you about lots of people being sacked at my job? Well, it turned out they chose to make do without the entire sales and marketing department. Some might remember what my prediction was one month ago - and it seems I was very much correct in all my assumptions. The only thing the folks who are left there now have to wait for, is the day when the biggest customer decide that they no longer want our products on the new models. (Yep, we're talking cars and car accessories here - big swedish car manufacturer anyone?) Too bad the R&D manager now got what he wanted - he's never thought anything good about sales/marketing... He's one of those people who think they know best, even when they don't - and he certainly won't fess up to the fact that he might be mistaken!

My colleague C went home the same day he was told he had to leave - he's always said that's the way he wanted to do it, but I've never seen him so upset in the two years I've worked with him. As far as the money and the law is considered, he'll be on the payroll for at least 3 more months - and then it's back to looking for a job. He was in his 25th year at the Firm, although the company has changed names two or three times in those years. The knowledge he possesses is amazing, and now the Firm has chosen not to give the customers any technical or other support. The Firm will only sell the products, not tell the customers what to do if something goes wrong. It could work if they were Toyota and "never" had any problems with their products - but they're not...

My other colleague M will be leaving at midsummer's day. (Big holiday here, btw.) She's so sad - to make matters worse, she was the one negotiating for the union together with an objective union rep, so she's known about this for quite some time without being able to say a word to anyone. To top it all off, she's recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis AND gluten intolerance...

I (and N, who I'm subbing for) will be going to school in the fall, and all sorts of thoughts run through my head about that. Can we stay in our house or do we still need to move? Do we need another car? (We sold ours, hubby has a company car now and I take the bus.) Will we manage as a family, through thick and thin? (No, we're not married, we just live together and have done so for 10 years now.)

But my heart really goes out to M and C - their lives have lost the stability, and everything will need to be changed accordingly. C doesn't take that well to change, he's one of those who take some time before they get used to different routines... I'm not that worried about M - she has her PT course later this summer, and as soon as she gets back up from being knocked down, she'll be fine. She just became a grandmother again (yes, she started early, she's not even 50 yet) and has a new baby boy to keep her on track. He's a cutie, she sent me a MMS with his pic :)

AND to top all of this, I've got the worst summer cold ever. I can't remember having such a cold in summer ever before, so now I get to stay in bed and be fragile for a while ;)

On the upside, our pond goldfish have plenty of babies - does anybody need some? I wish you all a good week!

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patternnuts said...

Hang in there Anne. In times of uncertainty, people are drawn together- which I truly believe is the case for you and S., plus H. has a way of seeing to that- doesn't she?
Lots of hugs from across the big ocean!