19 May 2008

Dancing !

I finally have a finish to show - I've been thinking about Periphaeria Designs, and finally I decided what to do. A needle book and a scissor fob from "Protection" to match my new, purple scissors.

So, happy dancing!


patternnuts said...

Happy dances make up for rollercoaster rides- :).
What kind of thread is that? Is is DMC variations??? So pretty! Well, the scissors and the stitching, hee hee.

Anne R said...

It's actually DMC variegated perle cotton - I got it in an exchange at EMS! :)

patternnuts said...

I have never used perle cotton, what is it like?

Anne R said...

It's a little slippery, rather thick - equivalent to three strands I think - but very nice sheen and texture. I can send you a sample if you want? :)

patternnuts said...

Oh no, I will pick some up here... I am sure it's cheaper that way.

Thank you for my lovely Mother's Day card! :)

Jenna said...

Wow, beautiful finishes, Anne! Of course, I love the color purple. ;) I think your finishing work is excellent, as well. Well done!

Sonnja said...

Lovely your embroiedery work.
Kind regards

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
From the Netherlands