17 June 2008

Post number 100!

The previous post was actually number 100! I didn't realize it when I posted, probably because I had approximately 100 gazillion things in my head at the same time... So, happy 101st to me! :)

We had our "farewell to the marketing department-lunch" today. All of us who were currently employed, 4 persons, plus the two from the R&D department we've worked the most with - one of which has already left the company to work with a major car manufacturer in the area(he's a brilliant engineer and a really good person, as well as looking great ;) ). The other is the only one who stays...
It was a great lunch - we talked about the past, the present and the future, and agreed that we'll meet for a barbecue later this summer. Too bad the hour ended all too soon, though. Great food and a banana split for dessert suited us perfectly, especially as the company will pay for it all ;)

I will miss seeing them every day, but it's not like life has ended with this - we're all still living in the same area, so it shouldn't be that hard to meet up every now and then. In case some of them read this: I love you guys! <3

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patternnuts said...

Love you too!
Happy 100th post! *sniffs, Seems like it was just yesterday that you were placing your first links, adding to the side bars....