09 April 2008

Butterflies swirling!

OOOOOOH, I have the swirls in my stomach now - we placed an offer on the house we went to see yesterday. 1 525 000 SEK (app. 255 000 USD) is a lot of money, methinks... But it's an excellent house, great neighbourhood, well looked after, although a bit untidy and dirty here and there. Nothing a good cleaning and some rolls of wallpaper can't fix!

These are certainly exciting times! I think I may have to start stitching something like this:


patternnuts said...

I am so excited for you! Just keep in mind: if this one doesn't work out, don't take it to heart, it just means that the one that's meant for you is around the corner.

I like the glittery "AnneR" :)

Kirsten said...

Hi Anne,
thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my Zentangles.
I'm sorry to say, I can't send you a better scan. My scanner is broken and I have to use my camera for everything.
That's no good printing quality :-(
I can send you a Zentangle postcard please contact me and send me your snail mail address.
Good luck with the house!


Jenna said...

Oh goodness, such important news and no update from our dear Anne! I'm dying to know how it went. :)