07 April 2008


No, we haven't taken out the big guns and started pointing at anyone yet. But the first house we looked at (last post) wasn't for us. Too close to a rather large road, rooms were too small and it needed lots of work on the roof and new drainage (sp?)... A co-worker also were there, and they have bid on it - time will tell... Just goes to show that what works for one person, doesn't work for another.

We went to see another house today at lunch - and that was WAY better for us. First of all, it had all the space we could possibly want - 160 sq. metres is plenty for a family of 3... The "head and feet" of the house was excellent, and the ones owning it have been painting one wall each summer, so the outside was perfect. We're talking hubby's parents with us tomorrow afternoon to look at it again, and then we might be talking about REALLY spending some green! Of course there will be some painting and fixing anyway, but there's nothing stopping anyone from moving in right away. Everything can be fixed afterwards.

Now we just have to remember that we love eachother and that we want to stay together for always, and we'll be hanky-dory for the next 25 years... :P

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