15 April 2008

Houses, houses...

People have hinted that they want to know the status on the house-thing... Well, so would I.
The houseowners wanted to think about our offer over the weekend, and we wanted to have a ventilation-guy look at the heating system (it's some kind of heated air-system which I've never seen before) - which he did today with my hubby, so now we know that part of it is good to go. Back to waiting... The REA said that everything should be decided this week, so hopefully we'll know if we need to start packing this weekend!

On another note, I've been on the road for two days now, visiting our biggest customers and our distributor. It's four-hour drives everywhere, so these two days together got me through an entire audio book (11 cd's). With driving the wrong way and seeing parts of roads I really didn't need to know about, I've spent 17 hours on the road - thank goodness the company car is an automatic, so I just have to think about steering and keeping up the speed... I eat lots of cashew nuts when I drive to keep myself occupied, so I seriously need to go to the gym tomorrow! I actually look forward to the sweating and aching - I think my friend the gym coach has corrupted my previously so lazy and laid-back me! :) (She's actually going to class this summer to be a certified Personal Trainer - so I'm her guinea pig and first customer.)

I'm anxiously waiting for H to come home now - she's been with her grandparents these two days, so I REALLY want a 4 1/2 year old girlie hug now!

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