01 February 2008

The Storm Tuva

The storm Tuva hit us yesterday afternoon - snow and (of course) lots of wind... It's still snowing, but it wont settle on the ground - too warm. The wind caused a power failure in my neighbourhood - we were without for about three hours. And of course everything went pitch black just as Hannah was falling asleep, so she started crying and got really scared. She's used to having at least two night lights on (the small ones you put in the outlet), so from that to pitch black of course was scary. All kinds of things can hide in the dark, even if there's an angel in the window and a pretend big brother at the end of the bed... Thank goodness we have batteries and flash lights to cover most needs! And of course there's always candles! :)

She was in bed wide awake until 10 - when I went to bed and told her (in nicer words) to shut up and go to sleep... It probably helped her to hear that I fell asleep in the room next to hers (both doors wide open), and daddy was in the living room with the computer (TG for portable ones!) listening to music.

On the pic you see the small orange dot just above the G in Göteborg - that's us!

I had of course planned to stitch, but stitching in candle light is probably not the best...


patternnuts said...

I have tried stitching by candlelight, it's not good!
We have an ice storm on its way today. The schools are letting out early..... They should be off the bus any minute now. And they are predicting power failures due to ice. Yippee!
Glad you guys are okay.
(Maybe H. would like a battery operated lamp? The kind like one would take for camping- they are great, portable, freestanding with bright light.)

patternnuts said...

I nominated you for a You Make My Day Award!