22 January 2008

Startitis and WIP-list

I'm experiencing severe startitis at the moment - can't seem to settle on any one project these days... So here's my list, to try and organize my head!

1. Caro's stitch SAL (http://tites-croix-de-caro.over-blog.com/) - trying to find a suitable swedish or norwegian quote in stead of the french one, so it's currently not being stitched

2. Angela's little something - needs finishing somehow. I made a huge boo-boo when I began the finishing, so I ended up with practically NO seam allowance. Pondering on how to fix that - or I'll just start over with more seam allowance.

3. BeGlad stitching pouch (http://swappons.oldiblog.com/) for myself, started 21st of January 2008. I want it to end up kind of like this:
I've started it on white 16-count Aida with 498 for the borders, but haven't decided on more colors yet. Will see when I get there...

To be started:
VIP: My sister's christmas table cloth. I've actually marked out the center and made a couple of starting stitches, but it's a HUGE prickly linen fabric so I have doubts about taking it into the living room, where I usually stitch. Any ideas? I haven't made any promises about when it should be finished, but I was kind of hoping she could use it next christmas. I've only had it for a year...

A birth sampler for my brother's new baby. It's due 23rd of February, so the date is rapidly closing in... Still haven't decided what to stitch, though... An EMS animal baby?

A bourse for my sister; she saw my mum's bourse
and very quickly decided she wanted one too. It would've been a quick fix if I wasn't always striving to improve on stuff - I'm thinking of making a channel for the ribbons, so you can lay it completely flat and still get the best "fold-up" where nothing slips under the ribbons.
And that's why I've been completely hung up on fabrics lately - I've been shopping half a metre of this and half a metre of that for two months now, so my fabric stash is huge now compared to last January... But I actually think I found the perfect fabric for my sis last wednesday, when I was in Gothenburg with work. (Got a couple of hours free time - spent shopping, of course!)

Edit: I got some help on the html-link stuff - I hope it's working as it should! (Thanks, Angela!)


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Outi said...

Startitis is a bad disease... ;)

And regarding your comment in my blog: I will keep you in mind as I am quite sure that I could use one pair of stitching hands. :)