09 February 2008

About nothing

I've tried to come up with something to post on my blog for a week now, but what should I write about?
- that I feel like s**t today, probably have a fever and snaps at everyone? (Hannah doesn't deserve that kind of mother, and hubby doesn't need it either, so I've gone into the bedroom and closed the door behind me.)
- or should I write about the fact that my training isn't going my way; I don't feel any stronger and it certainly doesn't show when I go shopping. I'm still overweight (OK not that much, but I don't like the extra 15 kilos Hannah gave me 4 years ago!), my arms are still flabby and my butt looks like a barn door. Even the H&M virtual model tells me I need to lose weight, and the only thing I want to do is close the door and eat an entire chocolate bar all by myself.

And then, when I try to figure out something to post on my blog, I call my brother on a trivial matter and he tells me his brain is dying. Little by little he loses the finer motor skills and the doctors don't know what's wrong or what to do about it. They do know it's not epilepsia, but his brain "reboots" itself every now and then without any apparent reason. Where's dr House when you need him?
My brother can no longer type on the computer using all his fingers, he's back to typing one letter at the time using his index fingers.

I wonder what will be the next to go?


patternnuts said...
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patternnuts said...

Sending you BIG fat hugs......