10 October 2007

Can't find...

..my camera! It's just gone, and I can't find hubby's camera either, so no pics today...

I've got loads to show you now; my L&L angel is almost finished - just the halo and the backstitching around the face and hands left. I've made myself a Harry Potter bookmark, using the patterns from www.tanyameehandesigns.com (Halloween gameboard SAL) with a few modifications, and I've also tried my hand on making a "thimble pod".

And there is one other thing as well: I've cut off my long, wavy hair! The hair was just reaching below my shoulder blades, and then I got tired of it. So now I'm sporting a kind of jaw-length bob with lots of waves (natural, of course) and my daughter H asked me yesterday when I picked her up: "Who are you? Are you my mum or what?" She's a cutie! :)
I love it, I suddenly feel not a day older than 32 :p
I'll see if I can find my camera, if I can get someone to take a pic.

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patternnuts said...

Hey! Long time no hear from!

I need to get my thinking cap on for a PIF gift for you..... Yeah, I kind of got a bit behind!