13 October 2007

Found it!

So, now's the time for pics! Lots of Happy Dances here today... :D
First off, the HP bookmark and the thimble pod, not the best pic, it's just to give you an idea:

And then there's my L&L angel - I think she looks fab! The beading was a bit tricky, but yet not too difficult, even for a beginner like me. :) I wouldn't tell anyone to not stitch it just because of the beading, even if you're all new to xs - Marilyn makes really good patterns, not too hard to read. She hasn't been ironed or washed yet, if you look closely and see her wrinkles ;)

I also stitched up a small square from Sheepish Designs called Baby alphabet - it just took me two evenings, and I used a beautiful handdyed floss from Annicka Brial called Aurora borealis. I think it turned out really nice!

I still don't know what to do with all this stuff, but I guess I will find a use for it some day soon - christmas is coming, isn't it?


Name: Vicki said...

The angel is gorgeous!! I plan to do her someday! You did beautiful work!

patternnuts said...

Awesome finishes! *happy dancing*

Anne R said...

Vicki; I've actually made the companion piece as well - I plan on putting the angels on a particular wall next to eachother at christmas. :)

*still dancing with joy*

Jenna said...

Great stitching! I'm glad you got through the beading without any major issues. ;) Is Annicka Brial a local floss dyer?