12 July 2007

Pics missing!

I've been meaning to post quite a few happy dances here, but I keep forgetting the cable for my camera! *hitting self on head* Today I forgot both the camera AND the cable, yesterday it was the cable and the day before it was the camera itself...

Hubby always says he's happy as long as I remember where my home is when I leave work in the afternoon - I guess he has a point, I can pretty much forget everything. I manage to put on my clothes somehow respectably, and I never forget shoes, but other than that I think I've forgotten everything. Keys, wallet, lunch box, cell phone - everything that isn't attached to my body somehow will be left behind if I'm having a distracted day. Yet I seem to remember the strangest stuff, like names of strange diseases and syndroms - I guess I am meant to be something in the caring/medical line of business...?

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