13 July 2007

Moving pics to Flickr and a happy dance

I got this e-mail saying they were shutting down Yahoo! Photos, so I decided to move my account to Flickr not really knowing what I was doing... Being a computer novice, I just did as the system told me - and I must say, they have great people working behind the scenes... The move went without a hitch, and so far it looks very promising when you look at the user-friendliness of it all. I'll be posting more stuff over there now, at least my stitchy stuff!

I promised you happy dances, and here is - well, a rather old dance actually - of my mp3-case. I followed a tute on craftster.org and stitched on 14ct plastic canvas. Unfortunately I cut the wrong end when I tried to make the pieces match better together, so the fit isn't great around the on/off button, but it works. I have to have a long finger nail to push down the button, but since my nails are always long anyway it's not an issue. Hope you like it! :)
Front flap:
Front inside:
and finally, the back (a freebie pattern from dragondreams):


Lindahl said...

That's a cool thing for an mp3 player. Maybe not for macho people though. :)

Anne R said...

macho smacho - You can of course adapt it to any design you want! ;)

Heidi said...

very cute. I have done some things on plastic canvas too, its not too bad. :)