06 February 2007


Isn't it just grand - I'm at home with a sick little girl, and I'm not feeling too good myself... Hannah keeps coughing without anything really happening, and she's got a fever as well. Called the doctor, and the only response is "it's everywhere now" and a prescription for some really strong cough syrup, with morphine in it... Not much help in it, though, Hannah was coughing from 1 till 2.30 this morning. We're all tired, and I hear in my voice that it's coming to get me too. But I can't afford being ill now, we're going to Copenhagen the coming weekend!

My new colleague keeps calling me asking questions, she only works there part time, but now she's suddenly doing 3 times the work in the same time - and she's new and doesn't know everything yet. I can't blame her for calling me to help, but I get tired afterwards...

To wrap it up: I hate being ill... :(

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patternnuts said...

I swear by a vaporizer. We have battled croup here, and icky colds and flus with them and they are great. I like the warm one bst as it's cleaner and doesn't cool the room- which then battles with my furnace in trying to warm the house.
I hope you are both feeling better.
(My daughter still has her cough.) Now I have a cold.