31 January 2007

Stress at work...

Phew - I can finally breathe again! It's been hectic, frantic, stressful, awful at work today. It's the last day of the month (obviously) and, as everyone working with economics know, everything have to be invoiced and ready to close the books on this month. So I've been stressing around, trying to do twice as much as I normally do, all the while customers are calling and e-mailing, wanting the same response time and service as usual.

I got my lunch-hour anyway, just because I had an appointment with the hairdressers - no, I didn't cut much, just the worn bits! :) And yes, my hair looks fabulous :D

I haven't had much stitching time lately, because I've had too much other stuff going on. BUT I have received a long awaited, almost forgotten, gift from Iagal - a scroll frame! I've mounted my christmas stocking on it, so now I'm ready to try it on for size. :) *thank you, thank you, thank you + lots of love* to Iagal, my almost-step-floss-mom; if I may call you that?

I got my first World of Cross Stitching yesterday - and I thought I wasn't going to start my sub until March... Hey, I'm not complaining, I'm just surprised! Lots of cutesy patterns, although nothing I can really see myself stitching all of. Might pick some pieces here and there, though! :)

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Tracy (Iagal) said...

You may call me (almost) anything. =) I'm so glad it got there safely and will be loved. I really like it when something I'll never use gets to a new home where it will be. Enjoy!