20 January 2007

It's working!

Woohoo! Hubby fixed the wireless connection! He only had to fiddle around with it for a couple of hours and then re-install the drivers, and now it's working perfectly! SO: here are the much awaited pics!

First off, my first happy dance of the year - a 1/1 scissor fob in 498. The pics also show my first "black"-work attempt, finished as a needle case. I don't think I've posted a pic of it anywhere before, so here it is. (This also answers this weeks SBQ: Have you had a happy dance yet this year?)

And next I just have to share my total admiration for the people at sewandso.co.uk: I made an order with them last thursday night, got the confirmatíon e-mail on friday - and on tuesday the shipment was here! I couldn't believe my eyes! Of course it wasn't much, but I just had to celebrate my new old job so I ordered some floss and a new pair of scissors... Here they are:

They even threw in a freebie, 40 cms of 14ct aida band about 12 cms wide. :D Who doesn't love freebies?


patternnuts said...

Ooohs and aaahs! Wow! WOnderful works Anne!

Heidi said...

Great work! I have never seen Sew & So so fast before. It always takes a month for my order from them to get to me. But I have a US addy so that could be it too, lol.

Anne R said...

Yes I am quite proud of my stitchy toys myself - nice to hear someone else think they're good too! :)

And Heidi - yes, it could definitely be your US addy. I have waited for stuff to arrive from the US for 7 weeks, but it finally made it here. Probably shipped by banana boat...