17 January 2007

Let's see if I can get any posting done today...

I still can't get the wireless internet connection working at home, so the WIP pics are still in my camera. If this goes on much longer, I'll start using the "home entertainment pc" (laptop) we have in the living room! It's so tedious trying to get the stationary computer working, and not being able to connect to the outside world!
The thing is, we can't print from the laptop, so if I find a freebie pattern I really want to do (this being my ME-year and all) I can't print it off the laptop. I have to dig out my USB memory stick, copy the file to that and then fire up the other pc to print - I really don't like doing stuff more difficult than needed! I'll try again this evening so I can post some pics.

On my way back home from choir practice last night, it was around 0 deg C and so many stars that I could've stayed there watching all night if it weren't for the fact that it was COLD. It was so beautiful, I made myself a promise to go for more walks in the evenings, when Hannah's gone to bed. I need the exercise plus I need some time to myself just thinking... We've been so tired lately, both me and my hubby, that we've been arguing over small stuff like toilet paper and tooth brushes. Totally redundant fights where we both get upset and tell each other we don't want to sleep in the bed next to the other... Thankfully, with an hour or so by ourselves (me in the bedroom, he in the living room, both watching tv but by ourselves), the flames have died and we are able to kiss each other good night without still being angry. So, I really think my evening walks will improve our home environment! Sometimes it's really better to NOT talk to each other instead of just wearing each other out. I do still love my hubby, I just get fed up with talking to him sometimes! :D


ami said...

If you're using a WEP/WPA key, try disabling that first to see if you can get your wireless to work.

patternnuts said...

I just got a memory stick thing for my Bday. Haven't used it yet. Stil deciding if it should have patterns or pictures on it.
I agree completely.... Dh and I will hang out in separate rooms, and even doing our own thing in each room it's almost a form of bonding. Weird as it sounds. Then coming together when our brains are ready.
But you know, little Hannah takes a lot out of both of you too.(hey! Where's my recent pic of her anyways?)