26 February 2007

I forgot my password...

I had a temporary lapse in my memory, and couldn't for the life of me remember my password here! And then it just snapped back in place again...

I've been neglecting my cross-stitching, because I have discovered a whole new world: sewing machines! My hubby has "permanently lent" me the sewing machine from his workplace; they used to have an in-house tailor, and now they don't anymore, so the machine has just been standing there in a corner for the past 3 years. Until hubby came up with the brilliant idea that I could borrow it indefinitely...
So last week was spent surfing the net for hints and ideas, and I ended up with... www.craftster.org - THE place for anyone slightly crafty, but with a twist. There is more fabric with skulls on than with petite granny-flowers, that's for sure!

I spent most of Sunday by the machine, sewing myself a messenger bag/purse - I'm really pleased with it, so I must dig out the old digicam and take a pic for all to see! I have learnt three things from this experience:
1) You can never be too prepared
2) There's no need for patterns if you have a tutorial on the internet, and a clear idea
3) Never use no-name brand sewing thread. The d**n thread broke on me on more than one occasion, in the middle of my perfect floral support stitch. I was NOT happy... :(

But, all is well that ends well, and tomorrow I'll post the pics to prove it! :D

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