20 October 2009

Yeah. so?

We've been getting really strange messages on how our house is coming along - all of a sudden we received a letter from the head office that our house would be ready for us Jan 29 - when we thought the latest 6 week delay would be enough... So, now it looks as if we'll be staying at a hotel for two months, as we said we didn't want the house we're renting longer than dec. 31st. The house seller says he's sorry, but he can't do anything, as the head office calls the shots here. Yeah, so? Do we care about that? NO, we want our house this year, as promised!!!

Needless to say, big S, who usually is the worry-wart in this household, is falling to pieces, I try to behave my best but still we get into these nonsense fights that basically happen because I think we can be a teensy bit diplomatic when we talk to the seller, because it's not his fault. And bring out the big guns when we talk to the head office. Big S thinks we should bring out the cannons from the closet, and perhaps a few bombs too, so the factory will build our house faster. Like that's helping...

At least we both acknowledge the fact that we're not really angry at eachother for this, even though I did break a plate yesterday because he wouldn't listen to me when I didn't say anything... Makes sense, no? Break a plate, get everyone's attention. It was the first time I tried that, actually, and the plate was not a favourite of mine, but then I had to clean the mess myself - so I know that's not something I'm going to do much in the future.

So, in Sweden we're a bit frustrated AND I have a serious calculus exam on monday - how to calculate medications; you know, pills, solutions, Oxygen, International Units to ml, that sort of thing. And on this exam you have to have a 100% score, or do it over and over until you understand and can be let loose on the actual patients of this world. Usually, only 20% of the nursing students get it on the first exam, so I'd be in good company if I mess up. Which I probably will, by going to fast and not reading the questions properly, and thus giving a completely different answer than intended. Wish me luck!

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AdronsCatherine said...

LOL I think that's the worst part about being the mama - having to clean up any and all messes lol!

I'm so sorry you are getting jerked around about your house. I got to experience a tiny taste of that when we were trying to get back in our house after the fire. Not having a place of your own is the pits, and I hope they manage to get their acts together fast!

Good luck on your test, beautiful!