28 September 2009

Finished bag!

Yeah yeah, I know, I'm procrastinating putting up pics here - even when I have promised that I will. When there's a lot going on, finding the camera cord is too much trouble for me, don't even ask how often I synchronize my mobile phone with the computer... Anyway, here it is - my version of the Beauty of a flower bag by Rosalie Quinlan. I finished it the day before going on WBP (=Workbased Practice), and I am very happy to say that I LOVE it! I think I might even try a spring/summer version later on, with an iron-on stabilizer instead of the batting I used. It says in the directions to use something called Pellon, which I have no idea what is, so I grabbed the thinnest batting they had in the fabric shop here. It's good for autumn, but for summer I'd like something not so warm... I omitted some of the applique because my rosy fabric was a bit busy, so I will definitely do them the next time! And I didn't even think about the fact that the squared fabric didn't meet up very well at the back, but hey - who sees that anyway? Well, here it goes:

QP from Sophia Davies, journaltag from Ellie Lash' Delicious kit.


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