02 July 2009


Time sure does fly when there's a lot to be done... We've been packing, packing and packing - the truck leaves on saturday morning! Today I'll be packing most of the kitchen utensils, except the really necessary ones of course - three plates, cutlery, a frying pan and something to cook stuff in, and it goes without saying that the coffee maker will be the last thing we pack. Can't have help without coffee to keep them going! The windows are mostly empty; we threw out some of our old plants yesterday, and the curtains are washed and hung, ready for my MIL to iron and hang in the new house (gotta keep her busy as well).

The main plan will be to transport H's room and her toys on the first load, and then H and MIL can stay at the rental to set up H's new room while the rest of us go back here and pick up another load. Unload, lunch, get in the truck again and pick up (hopefully) the last load. We'll put most of the banana cartons (yep, that's what we're packing up all our stuff in - that's a LOT of banana cartons!) in the storage and in the attic, and then we'll take our time unpacking only the most necessary stuff. After all, we'll be moving again before Christmas, so there's no use unpacking everything.

We have had some time to do fun stuff too, H and I - we've been to the beach a few times with my new friends from school (T and L - they both have kids about the same age as H), and H is loving it. I've even immersed myself in the wet stuff at the beach! It's actually kinda hot here - 30 deg. Celcius is high temps for Sweden, and we've been having it for a week now. I actually look like I've been outside, instead of my more normal "white as a sheet"-appearance. (Usually I take great comfort in what my mum (the nutty brown summer one) keeps saying: "White man should be white.")

I've had some time left in the evenings to do some finishing as well, but of course I've now packed my camera cord somewhere, so I can't upload any pics to the computer...

When we were at my parents' for a week, I had a morning in town all by myself - and of course I found myself a crafters shop - Lines hobby - with the most dreamy of all sewing rooms. About 40 m2 of fabrics, patterns, bags, books and everything associated with fiber crafts, with samples and all. I found a Rosalie Quinlan bag I wanted to do, and got some help finding the perfect fabrics for it - it will be a fantastic autumn bag, with sunflower lining :) I absolutely did not plan on spending all my money there - I was looking for a new belt for my jeans, for crying out loud! - but how could I not? It was a quilter's dream come true, and I'm not even a quilter! I'll have to remember to bring extra cash for stash shopping the next time we go visit my parents ;)

Now I have some packing to do, and no idea when I'll be online again. We don't have a telephone line or a broadband connection at the rental house (houseowner's mistake, not ours), but I'll do my best to come back here some time later in July. If all else fails, I'll go to the library and use the computers there. Until next time, all my love


Pike said...

Good luck with all the boxes - moving is quite a job ! We have also bee having some (too) hot weather here in Finland...

AdronsCatherine said...

I hope your move goes smoothly! I'm gonna miss you for the next few weeks - I can't imagine that long without internet!!!

Hugs - have fun!