31 May 2009

This year's finals

are OVER!!! Yippee!!! I'm so happy, now I'm having a summer vacation - at least for a couple of weeks, then I get to practice a little in care of the elderly in my NEW home town :) I've got about 10 night shifts, and an unknown number of day shifts in the home care - it's not a huge income, but I think it will be enough - I need my summer holiday as well, to craft, move and muster up some energy for next school year.

Today I sang with the church choir for the last time, too. I kept thinking that this was it, and then had to remind myself that I have 4 more solo performances with my choir leader Ruben until we move. Actually, the two last performances will be when we HAVE moved, and the very last one is the day we sign the release forms on the house... Ruben had bought everyone a small "thank you for this year"-gifts - the little 'uns got small silver heart pendants, the bigger ones got bigger silver crosses (kinda celtic) - and I got a short speech before he presented me with a beautiful gold heart and chain. I'm wearing it now - and I will certainly remember my choir every time I see it. Not that I would forget them without it, but you know what I mean.

Stitching wise I have nothing to show - not that I haven't done any stitching, but my camera is acting up on me, and I've ordered a new one. I've completed the Just Nan Sizzle (both the "over the top" and the "in the tin" parts), and yesterday I started on something I've wanted to stitch for SOOOOO long now - the Lavender & Lace "The spirit of Christmas" (The pic is borrowed from Marilyn's garden, a yahoo group - I hope mine will look as good as this when it's all done and framed.)

Other than that - I've tried AGAIN to buy myself a Barbie to model for me, and this time I specifically said to little H that she is ALL MINE - it seems to be working ;) I've started cutting fabric for a white dress from the pattern of the fabulous molendrix (at least that's what it says on the pattern), which I hope to have completed this week. After all, that's what glorious sunshine and spare time is supposed to be spent doing, isn't it?

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