27 February 2009

Have you made a difference in someone's life today?

- I have! :)

I'm out doing my 3-week "internship" now, and after one week I have made a difference! There's this woman, who hasn't been allowed to have her food orally for three months (she has a feeding tube right into her stomach)- and noone's wondered why or if she could try having "real" food until I came along. I went digging through her file, and after consulting the resident nurse, we gave it a try. She had yoghurt, a banana and water - all different consistencies, and it worked wonderfully! No problems swallowing, no coughing or alike - so now she will be getting at least two small meals a day orally! She was so happy after that first meal - she loves food, and now she can enjoy the taste of it again.

I'm doing my first happy dance as a nurse! (Albeit still student nurse, but none the less...)I actually feel like I mattered - and it's a great feeling, I can assure you!


Daffycat said...

***big hugs*** You are awesome! Great job, Anne!

AdronsCatherine said...

Isn't that WONDERFUL!!!! I am so excited for her - and YOU! You are already a great nurse, obviously, and whomever you end up working for is going to be soooooo lucky to have you =)

With all your working, have you had a chance to sew? I need to live vicariously through the creativity of everyone else LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie - so glad you are doing well!